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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What brand laptop do you prefer?

Oftentimes as I wander around the Internet and glance over some of the blogs, and sites, which focus on technology as it specifically relates to computers I briefly wonder what all the hubbub is about. Let me clarify: Intellectually I know that some people prefer different brands as well as have a preference between PCs and MACs.

I was sitting hear asking RP, who joins our crew as a nerd of disproportionate measures, about those differences and he started in explaining the differences and possible reasons that some worship (yes, I said it) one over the other. Although I’ve used a MAC it has been quite a number of years and I’ve been told that the bells and whispers far outweigh those of a PC. Although I think I prefer PC I realized that I just like to use the most up-to-date equipment.

Does that same loyalty work with brands? I’m not sure. I use what I’m used to and what’s recommended by those I trust. For instance, my best friend the self-taught computer wizard, and also my daughter’s godfather – decided to purchase her a laptop last year for her high school graduation. After searching for one that would fit his budget and her needs, he decided on a Toshiba. (The exact model escapes me right now.)

The first time I used it I was sold. I loved the performance, the comfort, the features… pretty much everything about it. So, when it came around to me purchasing my own with the number one concern being my budget and the number two being performance and need, I chose a Toshiba Satellite L455.

I looked at different brands, including an acer notebook, and even asked my best friend about the differences. He said the most important thing is that the laptop does what I need it to do. Isn’t that how it is with most products? We oftentimes consume ourselves with brand loyalty when, in essence, I could have been just as happy with the Acer.

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