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Sunday, June 20, 2010

They’re all against me

It’s a conspiracy. No really. Hear me out.

The electronics in the house are… sssshhhhhhhhhh!!!….!

Too dramatic?

DSCF4637 I don’t think so. It all started about a year or so ago when my cell phone died and I traded it in. Then I think I broke another one and traded that one in. Then the one I have now stopped clicking over to call waiting and some other weird mysterious text message function. So I treated myself to a new cell phone and not two weeks after I had’ve.ever.owned mysteriously died. I couldn’t just take it back and exchange it; I have to go through the company. Write a letter, mail it with the phone to them and wait to hear their determination on whether they think it’s a technological reason. Great. Then the cell phone company charged me to transfer the service back to the old phone, which… is… what… I’m… using… now.DSCF4638

Then the television I had died and we didn’t have one for months. Then my best friend bought me a television for my 40th birthday (wait, that was almost two years ago! We got this fabulous television from a nice couple off of Craigslist.) and that died about six months ago. Go figure.

DSCF4645 Now, the older television that friends of the family (who had it laying around somewhere) gave to us has decided to let its picture tube die. Slowly. How rude.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Remember when the washing machine took a nose die? Well, the one that I bought from where ever it is that I bought it from and whoever it was that I bought it from has semi-died. What does semi-die mean? It means that the washing machine will work, sort of, when it’s a small load with light (in weight) clothes.DSCF4643DSCF4642
















So with six people in this house the laundry is piling up at disproportionate amounts and rates.

And then (are you tired of hearing me say “then?”): The iron dies.

No warning, no beeping, no chirping, no spurting, no nothing. That’s just unacceptable.

DSCF4639 DSCF4640

The old iron (pictured on the left) is about eight years old, and I am not happy to say it will be leaving us. The new iron (here on the left) looks nice and RP ran to Kmart to get it ‘cause he had to be ironed for work. I wish I could replace the washer and dryer that quickly.

That brings me back to my original point: It’s a conspiracy!

You better not be laughing….

Okay, well I guess it was a little funny. Now that I have you all updated and chuckling a little, can you take that good feeling and deposit some money into my PayPal account? …Thanks!




  1. I know what you mean. My first generation iPhone gave up the ghost.

  2. Ah, when it rains it pours. Too bad it doesn't rain money! :o)


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