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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tasty fixings

DSCF4596 Not too long ago I shared with you about my oldest daughter Amber and her cooking. She made turkey burgers the other night when she accidentally dropped the French fries. (No, I didn’t giggle again!) Last night she made chicken lasagna, which is for dinner tonight and I can’t wait to taste it. Amber had some for her breakfast/lunch today and she said it was tasty!

100_2805 I’m so proud of her skills in the kitchen and with her in general. She just left here about 30 minutes ago on the way to take a test in her summer course. Calculus, I think. That girl is smart, I tell you. Now that she’s almost 19, I can’t take complete credit for how wonderful she is. Although I think I’ve taught her a lot and have been there every single step of the way, she has grown into an independent, strong, mature, skilled,  beautiful, intelligent young woman who is going to do great things with her life and for others.

Funny how this post, which is supposed to be about food, got me to thinking about how proud and in love I am with my baby. Yup, I still call her that.

DSCF4590 Last week Amber made crepes for the first time… Neither of us had ever had them. They were very good. It wasn’t our favorite dessert because we’re not fans of the actual crepe, but from what I know it was absolutely perfect. Filled with tasty apple filling, spiked with whipped topping and sprinkled with cinnamon. I thought you’d like to see a shot of that.

I don’t think I’ve fixed anything special lately. Well, I did make a tasty tuna sandwich for lunch. Does that count? What tasty dishes have you had lately?

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