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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Random Thursday

money, machine, manic, menaces…

I got up today with my only desire being to drink some coffee and goof off, but that wasn’t in the cards. Well, of course I had my coffee, but goofing off has been put off. And so has relaxing, napping, playing, watching television… For one, the children are still home sick (and I’m not going to mention the money needed for them to go to daycare/camp) and, for two, as I was cleaning off my desk last night I found all the papers and notes that reminded me of things that I’m behind on or that I need to take care of.

Let’s just say it’s a good thing I found the electric bill last night. Nothing like the threat of an off switch to make one take money from another obligation and put it somewhere else. That’s neither here nor there.

Or is it?

Obviously my brain has been tuned to the money channel. Or is that the lack of money channel?

Oh, did I tell you the washing machine is broken? Yup. Again. Remember it hasn’t been that long since I replaced it. … Ask me how many loads of laundry need to be done and what I’m going to do about it.

Uh, did I tell you I’m thinking about money?








So far I like the Mohawk haircut just fine. We’ll see how it looks as it grows out. Andre is quite pleased. In case you’re wondering what happened to his forehead: A little devil boy pushed him during the last week of school.

Andre, who is feeling a lot better today and still running a slight fever, went on a little outing with his father to get his hair cut into a Mohawk. Does mom like Mohawks? No, not really. But he’s a boy and it’ll grow or can be cut so no biggie.

Anna also wants a Mohawk. Although I made a deal with her that I would braid it into a Mohawk.

Then Amareah said she wants a Mohawk. Mind you that was after she said she didn’t. So now I have to braid two heads. Sigh… I’ll have to remember to post pictures.

Where was I?

Oh the kids. …

DSCF4582DSCF4584 DSCF4585DSCF4586They keep interrupting my thoughts, my phone calls, my writing and everything else in between so I feel very unaccomplished today. Except for the mastered skill of balancing a basket on my head while dressed in my self-made wrap dress that I later wrapped into a halter top and wore with shorts.

When RP came in from work this morning we had a few moments where I had him laughing about my attire and my desire to remain cool throughout these muggy days. If I’m going to be trapped with the kids then I might as well be comfortable, right?











Please excuse the dark circles under my eyes and the disheveled hair…

How’s your Thursday going?



  1. Hope the kiddos are feeling better soon. I hear you about the heat. It zaps all the energy out of you!

    Can't wait to see the mohawk pictures. You are so creative.

  2. I love when you share photos of those babies--they are sooooo cute! I hope they are feeling better soon. And you aren't alone in the money battle--I'm losing these days too. Seems everybody and everything wants a part of my wallet.

    On a good note, I got ALL of my medical bills at once last Saturday (UGH), but when I called to ask about that at the hospital, they said they offer 50% off the bill if you pay within 30 days!! WOW! I saved $500 with that phone call. :)

  3. Money. I have a love hate relationship with it. I'm glad I had a decent paying job.

  4. Too funny @ your daughters now wanting a mohawk because their brothers sports a mohawk (one of the nicer looking mohawks, btw). Whomever cut his hair is good at what he or she does.

    I don't know why you have a basket balanced on your head. I guess it's true though - love makes people do crazy things.

    Don't remind me of how much my ex felt misery after our washer went into retirement. I had no choice but to purchase another before the week was out - nagging, nagging, nagging.


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