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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Meet Abby

Do you remember when I told you about my desire to make jewelry and possibly sell it on Etsy? (Click the word jewelry to visit that post.) Well, I haven’t forgotten that dream. I recently bought a few supplies and made a new piece. I think I’ve gotten better, in a way, compared to the first piece I made (a red and white bracelet), but I also think I need quite a few more beads and whatnot to fuel my creative juices. Not too many that it will be overwhelming, but just enough that it doesn’t look like something you can buy in the store.

Know what I mean?

Without further ado; here’s Abby:

DSCF4570 What do you think? My main dilemma is whether I want to keep it or sell it. Wouldn’t be much of a business if I only wore the pieces I made. Well, I have to advertise. (Ah-hem!)

My beautiful daughter Amber modeled it for me… wait a minute, I think she still has it on and she’s on her way out the door!DSCF4569

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