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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Learn something new each day

Just about everyone is familiar with the saying, “You learn something new everyday.” I’m definitely finding that to be true especially when I have access to just a large library of information by just turning on my computer.
Earlier today, after some unsuccessful attempts, I did a search for information on how to make a friendship bracelet. (I know, seems a bit random, but I have a good reason.) I wasn’t even surprised at the amount of information that’s available on making friendship bracelets, but I was a little amazed at how many different kinds there are. This may seem silly, but I had no idea there are beaded friendship bracelets.
Another thing I learned recently, which is on the entire opposite spectrum, is about a pace-edwards (a premium brand) truck bed cover. This is one lady who didn’t realize a truck cover could be so fancy and that there are so many different kinds. There are a wide variety of styles, brands and types that do all sorts of things. I mean, really, did you honestly know that there’s a truxedo? I definitely didn’t. I will admit, however, that I thought it was a fancy truck cover for dressing up your truck. (Go ahead and laugh.) It’s actually the number one selling roll up tonneau in North America. Who knew?
That’s a little bit about what I learned today. Did you learn anything new today?
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