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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Keeping it green

I’m not a master at going green, but we do make some green attempts. Before Amber came home from college I was just recycling newspapers and magazines, but since she’s been home she’s gotten me on the green bandwagon (well, halfway on) that she and her college friends are on. I now recycle cardboard, water bottles and cans – on the off occasion that I use them – along with the newspapers and magazines. Here’s a little glimpse at our stockpile. This is the second (or third?) load of the summer and I’m going to try and commit to it after Amber leaves.


I can not believe how many water bottles we use each day. The bag below is holding only about three days’ worth.


There aren’t normally this many cans, but I bought a little soda for Amber’s surprise party.

DSCF4774 Tell me, are you a little green, a lot green or somewhere in between?

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