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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Joys of birthday celebrations

A glimpse at Amber’s birthday!

Yesterday I told you that my sweet baby Amber was celebrating her 19th birthday. One of the birthday traditions that I’ve kept over the years is that the day is dedicated to that person – especially as they age.

For Amber, this meant that she was “off duty” from household chores, sibling patrol, errands, carpooling, kitchen duty and meal preparation. Whew! Since her siblings are still quite young that means mom was totally in charge.

Once the children were dressed and ready to go to daycare yesterday morning I instructed them to slip into Amber’s room and awaken her quietly, say happy birthday and give her the card from the three of them. (They normally do homemade cards, but I think she’s probably collected enough of those for now and I found the cutest card from them for just 49 cents.)

I took them to the daycare and returned to make the birthday breakfast. It was about 10:30 a.m. when we sat down to turkey sausage omelets, biscuits and fruit. She had green tea and I enjoyed my morning cup of joe.

DSCF4668Since we ate a little late we were not hungry when lunch time officially rolled around so I scheduled a sweet treat of strawberry shortcake with a little surprise: flutes of sparkling cider to toast her last year of teenage-hood.


I forgot to get another tub of Cool Whip so I had to use more Ready Whip than I would normally. I also added a bit of banana, some shakes of cinnamon and a few sprinkles of raw sugar on top of the first layer of cream and fruit. It gave it the perfect blend of texture and taste.




After we finished our treat, I helped her study for a test she had today and then I dropped her off for her class, ran some errands then picked up the children.


Once we returned home (late! but that’s an entirely different post), I began fixing dinner of oven-fried codfish, croissants, spinach pie (I’ll have to tell you about that later), herb and butter rice, shrimp and green iced tea (specially for the guest of honor). I think that’s all; I forgot to take a picture of the table because I was so tired and ready to sit down. We didn’t sit down until about 9 p.m.

After we enjoyed our meal along with Amber’s guest (the BF who is/was the BFF – more on that later too!), we surprised her with the beautiful and delicious cake that RP picked up for her. There was some vanilla frozen yogurt, one of her favorites, but she was too full to have any. LOL… I kept her full all day!




Isn’t she a cutie!


Although I’m feeling the effects of the day, I am so happy to experience this day with my sweet daughter. I’m also pleased that she enjoyed herself and the day (for as much as it can be with three young siblings) was all about her. Happy Birthday, again, dear sweet daughter… Oh, there’s more to come. :-D   

I’ll share with you guys at a later date.

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