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Sunday, June 27, 2010


I mentioned to you in the Joys of birthday celebrations post that there were more surprises to come for Amber who turned 19 on Wednesday. Over the course of Amber’s life there have been quite a few times when I wanted to do more for her but wasn’t able to because of finances. Financially, not much has changed, but for this birthday – the last of her teenage life – I wanted to show her how much I appreciate and love her. So, it’s been quite a birthday celebration and it’s still going on… in little ways, but nonetheless it’s happening and I’m loving her reactions.

Before I tell you how I surprised her yesterday, I have to tell you that Amber knows me like the back of her hand. She knows when I’m upset whether I say anything or not and she knows when I’m up to something, but NOT THIS TIME! Yipp-ee-freaking-yea! LOL

Yesterday, with the help of her BF and her BFF, I pulled this off:





Not as many people came as I would have liked, but the important thing is that Amber was surprised and she had fun. We snacked and talked about things we did to pull off the surprise and I told her that it was hard to do ‘cause I always do that type of thing with her. :-)




We lit the candles, sang happy birthday and enjoyed the cake and, of course, more snacking. Then the teens enjoyed a game of Monopoly while I worked in the other room… participating from afar. It was quite hilarious to hear all of the bankruptcy, bribery and laughing.













My other daughter (pictured above right), who has been Amber’s BFF since middle school, won the game and had to take a picture for posterity. I, of course, had to blog about it! She bankrupted everyone. Her BF was out first, then Amber. Amber’s BF held on for as long as he could ‘til he too was defeated. (I won’t tell how Donnie also beat everyone at bowling earlier that day. LOL)





Seeing this sweet face and gorgeous smile makes the entire day worth it. This is what it’s all about:


Happy Birthday “little girl!” Love, for always & for-ever, your mommy!

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