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Monday, June 7, 2010

Day off

I didn’t see it coming and I know I should be more productive, but today has been mostly a day off. I got up this morning and took the young trio to Miss Kellie’s. I came home, loaded up some giveaways into the van to take to Goodwill, but before I could leave RP called to ask if I wanted a breakfast sandwich from the place that serves his favorite chicken biscuits. (No not Chick-fil-A, you Southerners. LOL)

We ate our breakfast together and enjoyed some couple time (boy did we really need the time to chat and whatnot. With him working nights and all the kids outta school couple time has been scarce.) Then we watched a movie, Unthinkable, which we both enjoyed.

I ran a couple of errands, came back home to grab a bite to eat, took the teenager to campus, ran a couple of more errands and jumped on the lappy for a few moments. I’m not going to stress that I haven’t made the phone calls, wrote a paid post, worked on an assignment because I have been taking care of people (who were sick most of the time) for more than seven days. Mama needed a break.

The running around I did today would normally irritate me, but because my teen usually has the van so we can reduce gas usage of going back and forth I welcomed the change of getting out of the house and not feeling trapped.

Tomorrow (and later tonight even) I plan on getting some work accomplished, but – for today – thank goodness I was able to enjoy some me time (it’s so quiet here!), some read time (I almost read an entire magazine) and some couple time… I even got a chance to talk to the teen without interruption.

Now I’m off to get the young trio then we’ll go to campus to pick up Amber. I’m even going to get a little ambitious later and paint my fingernails or do something different with my hair. It’s amazing what a day off can do for ya.

How’s your Monday turning out?

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