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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 59 of oil disaster

Very seldom, here at It’s a woman’s world, do we discuss current events or news. There isn’t one main reason, per se, it’s just the way it is. But as I ate my lunch this afternoon and flipped on the television, I was taken immediately into the world of “what’s happening now” because the TV was left on CNN.

Right before me was the House Energy hearing where the senate is asking questions of BP CEO Tony Hayward. He would not admit any responsibility on BP’s part, but – on the other hand – he’s sure being held to the fire. (His reddened face showed that.)

I can’t believe it has been 59 days since this disaster occurred. I’m amazed that a solid plan has not been approved to fix this problem. One senator said that only 25 percent of a plan had been approved. The other 75 percent hadn’t been approved and there was no alternative plan in place to fix this.

A marsh that hadn’t been affected five days ago; now has thick black oil pouring into it. And still the CEO does not admit any responsibility of his company and not one employee has been terminated as a result of this disaster.

I find it extremely interesting, sad and amazing… And, for some reason, the ole folks’ words come to mind, “It’s a sign of the times…”

This is in no way a journalistic report of what’s going on. It’s a random post from a random mom who feels a bunch of random feelings about a terrible event. I did, however, find an informative article posted on Yahoo News for you to read in case you’d like to catch up on the BP oil disaster. Do your own search and let me know what you think of the issue.

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