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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chocolate surprise

Today has been This week has been a little emotionally and mentally taxing so I’m not feeling too positive about much right now. I saw the mail carrier stop at the mailbox, but I was sure there wasn’t anything coming that I really wanted. It would be junk mail or… something else that wouldn’t make the week any better.

DSCF4573But… I was wrong…

I found a bag of milk chocolate M&Ms from Kelly McCausey from Moms Talk Network and her fabulous new site Mom Deal of the Day. I was one of the lucky few that received the deal.

Isn’t that cool?

Now I prefer peanut M&Ms, but I’ll never bite the hand that feeds me chocolate!DSCF4574

They were yummy! It’s a good thing I went to the mailbox or they would have melted. I saved them. LOL

Have you had a surprise or treat today?

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