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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bucket list to do

Overall I am fairly pleased with the extracurricular activities I’ve been able to participate in. I’ve travelled (there are still destinations I want to experience) to various states in our country and a few Caribbean locations via plane and cruise ship. I’ve screamed during banana boating, viewed underwater life in a glass-bottomed boat, watched friends ride sea turtles in the ocean off of Waikiki, caressed alligators swimming in Florida waters, parasailed and snorkeled. There have been jazz under the stars moments, fireworks and laser shows, gazing from the top of a lighthouse, first-class accommodations and dinner on the patios of restaurants that offer savory culinary delights. But you know what one thing I’ve never done that almost every individual, everywhere has? I’ve never been to a music concert.

Yes. Seriously. It would be nice if someone had some concert tickets they’re not going to use. They could pass them onto me so I can cross one thing off of my bucket list. What experiences do you remember the most? Do you have a bucket list and are you working your way through it?

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