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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bathroom makeovers

Even in this economy, one of the things that hasn’t changed is the desire to improve my space – my home. I’ve noticed it’s the same with most homeowners. They want their homes to be beautifully decorated and functional, but often times finances and circumstances don’t allow for that.

I’m determined not to let my finances be a hindrance to adding a little more color and comfort to my home and one of the first things I’m going to work on is our bathroom. It’s a tiny little thing that I’m totally uncomfortable in. It’s better since Amber and I painted it and changed the flooring, but there is major work that needs to be done. The entire floor has to be replaced from tile to foundation ‘cause of water leaks. After that’s done I’d like to get some new bathroom furniture. You know a new vanity, shelving and cabinets. I glanced at some rustic vanities and I'm not sure if they're for me, but window shopping, dreaming and planning is just the beginning.

Have you done any home improvements or redecorating lately. If so, tell me how it turned out. Maybe I can get some good ideas from you.

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