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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Girl's Fashion Debut with FashionPlaytes #review

Remember when Amareah received her package in the mail from Well, we opened it and it was very exciting. As soon as she put her foot inside of the door I told her I had something to show her and handed her the package. She said, “What is it? Who is it for?”

“What do you think it is? Who do you think it’s for?” I said, enjoying the excitement.

DSCF4650“It’s for me? I got mail?” Her eyes became brighter by the minute. “It’s my dress!”

She could barely contain herself as she waited for me to rip open the envelope.

I gave her the dress, which I could see was covered in cute tissue paper within a plastic bag. After she turned it around a few times she needed a little help finding the opening to the bag.

I love how she patiently waited for her sister to take a picture of the adorable way it was wrapped before we ripped into it. What a beautiful smile and gorgeous tan so early in the summer season.






Since she had been out all day, I told her she could model it after she took her bath. She skipped away to play, eat dinner, bathe and then she was back and ready to style and profile.

After I started taking the second set of pictures I realized someone did not lotion after their bath. Please overlook the little ashy legs poking out from the cute little dress.





She’s definitely model material, right?
I must admit that I am impressed with how well constructed the dress is. I love the flower appliqué Amareah chose. …It’s very cute…

I was concerned about her choice of turquoise lace and purple-patterned ruffle, but the different color flowers pull the look together nicely.

For a little extra money I could have personalized the label on the back of the dress and the Fashion Playtes logo/information would have been smaller.

Here’s the first of Amareah’s creations hanging and waiting to be worn…

For those women who are extremely creative, innovative and patient, they could probably have taken an afternoon with their daughter, grabbed a plain tee-shirt dress added those items for minimal cost and turned out something just as fabulous. But what I like about is that it’s for women like me who may not have the time, patience, creativity, etc., to sit down with their young daughter and help them “make” an outfit. And, secondly, my young daughter can sit down and do it on her own as she becomes more adept and responsible at the computer.

The choices and additions Amareah made to her dress I sort of guided her in order to keep her within the $25 range, which was the amount of the gift card I won from Fashion Cents Mom. But has tons of choices for these budding designers. Although I wouldn’t normally spend $25 for a dress for my 5 year old, I’d definitely do this again to enjoy the quality time with Amareah and watch her face light up as she made her own choices. That’s an experience that I can’t put a price tag on. And, I can’t wait ‘til Anna gets a little older to enjoy the experience with her as well.

Overall, Fashion Playtes gets an A+ for providing a fun and memorable experience, a quality product and a bonding moment.
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