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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Am I back?

If you’ve been reading “It’s a woman’s world” for awhile then you know I used to write a health and weight loss journal each week on Tuesdays. I’ve been avoiding it because 1) it became more about what’s going on with my health, which I know is important but I get tired of talking about it all the time. 2) I wasn’t doing what I should do to take care of myself weight wise.

It seemed as if I had hit a plateau and then, to make matters worse I gained a few pounds. About five or six. That made me feel icky blah. Well, I’m proud to announce I think I’m back – a little – from the icky blahness.

DSCF4685Friday, after much whining and complaining, I finally went to workout with my daughter Amber. That’s us on the way to our local parks and recreation area. (Doesn’t Amber sit too close to the steering wheel!?)

Now, don’t get me wrong, I really like to workout. Yoga, walking, tennis, aerobics… even volleyball; I’m all for it. The problem? Too lazy to initiate it. That’s right, I won’t even put a yoga DVD in the DVR. Or stop at the park on my way home from taking the kids to daycare. Yup, true laziness. Then, to give myself a little break, there were quite a few times when I wasn’t feeling well (you know = the attacks) that would set me back.

What I’ve realized is that the 60 pounds I lost can be kept off by my lifestyle changes, which I so don’t mind keeping. But any extra, especially if I’m going to indulge in treats, is going to come off through exercise. SIGH…

DSCF4703 An-t-way, I really had fun walking – I never doubted I would. And I felt great afterward. I’ve already asked Amber if she wants to do yoga with me in the morning so hopefully I will keep this momentum going.

So, do you think I’m back? Have you been working out and, if so, what has motivated you? If you haven’t what do you think you need to get started?

Come back next Tuesday to see how I made out through the week and share your own health and weight loss stories.

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