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Saturday, June 12, 2010

27 years old

That’s not my real age. Or my RealAge. (Have you been to that site to determine your real age based on your lifestyle?) It’s the age that I look based on my face, according to the March issue of Redbook magazine.

Exhibit A:




I’ve been told I look young and can pass for someone in their late 20s, but of course I was pleased when a magazine article confirmed it. I saw with my own eyes the things they were referring to. For instance, if you have lush eyelashes then you should subtract three years off of your age. Unfortunately for me I don’t have lush eyelashes (LOL), but I do have thick eyebrows, which garnered a subtraction of five whole years. Booyah!

Because of my large pores I did have to add three years, but I don’t have vein-y hands, which would have been an addition of seven years. Whew! … The best part about the magazine article was it gave tips on what you can do to change or prevent the things that may cause you to look older.



What do you think makes you look younger or older?

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