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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What are you thinking?

I have noticed a lot of bloggers mentioning how they enjoy blogging, and social networking in general, because of the friendships that develop. Some of us email each other to encourage, check in and share. Outside of our blog winnings and giveaways, we send packages, goodies, notes and such. We make arrangements to meet in person at blogging events, conferences or our homes and local restaurants. We celebrate our successes together and cry when someone else cries. We help our fellow bloggers out in times of stress, distress or tragedy; even doing so when we only know the blogger through the blogging grapevine.

Overall we’re a community. A family.

That community exist within forums as well. I, for one, was surprised to discover how many there are. There are forums for mothers, singles, couples, those with new babies, those who just want to share their thoughts, those with chronic illnesses or have recovered from an illness and there are most likely more that I don’t even know about.

The Internet has turned into a place that often doesn’t feel virtual. It’s a place where we know our international friends’ names and the names of their children. We remember their birthdays and anniversaries. And we share in the successes and failures.

Some have expressed hesitancy to reveal much about themselves and use pseudonyms or code names for their loved ones. Most of us don’t reveal exact locations or the location of our work and children’s schools.

What do you think? Has this little (read: large) world of blogging and social networking made you feel more connected, love and cared for? Or is it just something that doesn’t feel/seem realistic?

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