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Friday, May 14, 2010

Ventilation debate

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention or not, but if you have then you know that I recently revealed that I have a boyfriend. Why the whisper? Because I think boyfriend is such a silly term/word/title/label for a 41-year-old woman. An-t-way, that’s neither here nor there; it just sets the stage for my ventilation debate. (Calm down, calm down… I’ll tell you more about him later.)

I’ve noticed over the past year or so that my internal temperature has risen. Whereas there was a time when I was normally chilly, now there’s rarely a time when I’m chilly. I like fans, air conditioner, windows down – anything that’s gonna bring a breeze and some relatively fresh air.

One of the things I don’t like about my home is that 98 percent of the windows can’t be opened because of various reasons. There are many times when the air is stuffy and suffocating and I just want to sit outside to feel some type of airflow.

200313896-001 When I get in my minivan I have to have the windows down (even on chilly mornings) or the air conditioner on. Not just the window on my side, but I need a cross breeze; a flow of air. The debate comes in when RP (the BF) and I are riding together. When I get in my van the first thing I do is open my window. I may lower it all the way then raise it a little once I get moving or I may just have a crack and I do the same on the passenger side. If RP is in the car then he’ll put the window back up and sometimes leave just a 1/4 of an inch open.

mercedes sunroofWhen we get in his car all windows are up, sunroof is closed and air conditioning is off. If it’s sweltering then he’ll turn on the air, but I’ve already suffocated. :-) He has acquiesced a little and started opening the sunroof, but for me it’s often not enough. I try to sit quietly and enjoy the ride and his company, which I love, but on the inside I’m screaming, ‘I can’t breathe, I… can’tbreatheYou picture me fading away, right? I know, I know, I’m a little dramatic.

RP has explained that he does not like the feel of Georgia air blowing in his face or on his skin. He prefers to keep the windows of his car up for – if I understand correctly – appearances purposes. He does have a nice ride with tinted windows and I must admit it looks good… However, I… can’tbreathe ROFL.

Today he rode with me to take two of the children to school and I had my window down almost the entire time. The breeze felt wonderful. I was thinking that he was probably thinking, ‘I wish she would put that window up.’ :-D … But he rode nicely– allowing no cross breeze! – and we enjoyed our moment together.

The reason I can write this and chuckle is because we don’t argue or debate and we don’t fuss or get mad; I just want you guys to be on my side. (Yes, I’ll tell him I wrote this and maybe he won’t be able to resist leaving a comment.) As a woman in her early 40s you can understand my temperature discomfort, right?

The premenopausal feelings…?

Does anyone feel my pain?

Okay, so I’m putting it to you. Windows up or windows down? Who do you think should get their way?

If you put we should always compromise then you’ll be sent dagger eyes and pebbles will fall out of the sky and get stuck in your head. If you don’t have hair they’ll stick to your head. Mwuhahahaha…

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