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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time for good hair days

You know I’ve lamented about the state of my hair in the past. I’m not going to say anything negative about my hair, but I will say that it’s not the way I like it right now. I remember the different hairstyles I’ve had over the years: Braids, straight perms, hot combed, curly perms, locks and natural. The last – being natural – has caused me the most trouble and dissatisfaction.

After getting rid of my locks, the texture of my hair had changed significantly. To get it to look like I want it, minus length, has been an ongoing saga. Right after the locks, I started wearing it in two-strand twists. That looked great for a few months or so then it started to do something weird. What exactly? I have no idea.

I resorted to combing it out into a semi afro and pulling it back in a puff. Not the best look for me, in my opinion, but it was neat and clean. Now I have braids and it’s time to take them out. I think I need a hair superhero. I heard that Chaz Dean is just that hero.

Chaz Dean's WEN® Healthy Hair Care System is reportedly a new approach to the way individuals cleanse their hair. He says we should never have another bad hair day. Wouldn’t that be great? His system was created with a blend of herbal and natural ingredients to cleanse the scalp and hair as well as moisturize, soothe, strengthen and add sheen. That’s an awesome claim and I would love to try it out for myself. Whataya think?

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