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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Slow down for speed bump

I’ve been cruising along lately and suddenly hit a large speed bump on the road of life. (That sentence makes me chuckle.)

imageLet’s try again…

Life has been quite busy lately with all four children at home. Yes, the beautiful teenager is home for the summer and, in addition to her almost household full of belongings, has brought …

That’s not working either…

In the past I’ve told you about my health issues and how, sometimes, the aches, pain and whatnot cause a little brain fogginess. A sort of attack, as I’ve come to call it. Well, the attack was fueled by a not-so-nice stomach issue that developed yesterday while I was out.

I met with a potential new client (yip-freaking-pee!), accompanied my oldest to the local college campus and ran some errands. While meeting the client at Barnes and Noble I tried a Green Tea Frappa-thingamajig. (I’ve been getting flack about my coffee intake so I decided to be good.)

Moments after the client arrived my stomach lurched, rumbled and protested. (I’m blaming the drink; should have stuck with my mocha drink.) After that meeting I spent the rest of the day visiting one public bathroom after another. Before I knew it my stomach was hurting and I felt weak. That feeling has flowed over into today and now I drowsily sit on the couch wishing upon the stars, clouds and sun (no, not really) that the feeling would go away. I feel a little better on and off, but I think part of the problem is I’ve not really been hungry today so it’s possible that my body needs more fuel. (Think a cup of coffee will help?)

I don’t have time for an attack. I don’t have time to feel weak. Drowsy, Exhausted. Helpless. Especially when there’s so much that needs to be done.

I’m off to see about some tummy fuel and sneak a cup of coffee; I’ll tell you about the medical stuff at another time when my brain is fully engaged.

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