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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Please turn the page

Amber (my sweet eldest child) and I are very close. We can normally finish each other’s sentences; we start talking about the same thing at the same time and we get each other’s jokes - normally. We’re almost always on the same page.

Almost always.

Today she is going to the community college to finish up her paperwork and registration for the couple of classes she’s going to take this summer. When I went into her room she asked me if I could fill out some forms to the best of my ability.

Sure, I say.

I get started on the forms and realize I need more information than is available on the kitchen table, which I’ve taken over during the day*, so I get up to look for what I need in the office. The office, which has papers strewn about, piled on the floor, tumbling off of books, etc. The office that I have been trying to organize forEVER. I find what I need and I rush through the forms trying to get everything accurate. I berate her with questions, telling her I need this form or I can’t read that form and on and on I go.

To put you, and myself, out of misery I’ll just get to the point: The forms she asked me to did not have to be done so she could leave the house. They had to be done so she can fax them back to her college at a later date.

Why in the world would she give me those forms when she didn’t need them right them before I had my coffee.

“Go… leave…” I say as I prepare my coffee mug. “Maybe when you get back we’ll be on the same page.”

Jan-May 09 316 I hear a teenage sigh and a “Geez… I was wondering…”

As she’s walking out of the door I sweetly say, “Call me if you need anything.”

“Yea… hmmmm? Okay.”


This photo was taken early last year. It seems to fit the post. LOL

Right now I’m just going to sip my coffee and try to grasp what I was about to do before I started filling out the forms. I’m going to ignore the papers I managed to spread across the kitchen floor and relish in my caffeine moment.

Then I’m going to make me another cup, get some work done, tackle my to-do list and try to keep the tiredness at bay. All the while I’ll be hoping that no one else will involve me with anything that is not on the same page.

*At least I’ve moved from the couch and I was in the office for a couple of days.


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