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Monday, May 24, 2010

Not even a doorknob…

I’m tired. Like most moms understand saying “I’m tired” carries a whole lot of information behind it. My “I’m tired” probably started almost 19 years ago (LOL) and was exasperated about three years ago when I became a single parent again.

Parenting multi-generational children has it’s own set of challenges and being a single parent can be exhausting. Let’s briefly work our way backwards over the last 48 hours or so. Last night I got about three hours of sleep. Mostly my fault for goofing off all day and not doing any work then having to stay up to meet a deadline. Can you say, “Duh?!”

DSCF4527[1]Prior to that (yesterday) my three younger children reached a new level of behavior and discipline. All of their toys have been placed in jail, the little television removed from their room (it’s what they used to watch their sister's old VHS Disney tapes) and the doorknob removed from their room. About a week or so ago they lost their closet door because they broke it – the thing was hanging on by one hinge. SIGH.DSCF4530[1]

   I’m pass the point of being tired of repeating myself. “Stop playing with the door…” “Pick your toys up…” And a litany of other phrases that are repeated several times per day has gotten old really fast.

I’ve told people that I don’t trust my younger children as far as I can throw them. They are way more undisciplined, disrespectful, pouty and with an attitude of entitlement that my oldest daughter never displayed. YDSCF4526[1]es, they are more precocious and whatnot, but I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

When you add the daily responsibilities of running a household and caring for its inhabitants (you know, the chores, the paperwork including my oldest daughter’s college stuff, the appointments, the work from home stuff, the bills… Do bills fall under paperwork?); it can all be a bit … uh… tiring.

On a good note…


<—Isn’t he cute & cool?!

My second child – my only son – graduated from kindergarten tonight. (Even though school doesn’t end until Friday.) It was a sweet moment. A once-in-a-lifetime event – per child LOL – that I thoroughly enjoyed. The ceremony, thankfully, wasn’t as long as I thought it would be, but it still ran pass dinnertime so it’s 9:13 and my children aren’t in bed yet.

Did I mention I’m tired?

DSCF4498[1] DSCF4499[1]
DSCF4500[1] DSCF4503[1]
DSCF4504[1] DSCF4512[1]
DSCF4514[1] DSCF4515[1]


#1 – Before the program began. He was just looking at me…

#2 – Missed the shot again. Now, he’s checking out what his classmates are doing. …

#3 – Of course he’s looking right at me when I zoom out to get his entire class.

#4 & #5 – Little people sure do move quickly. A blurry Andre walking to get his certificate and finally standing still (sort of), but I think he was in the middle of a blink.

#6 – There are the three little people with their father. Caught Andre with his eyes closed, but at least Anna is looking in that one.

#7 – I’m not going to say how displeased I am with my outfit ‘cause I couldn’t find the shirt that I’m sure is supposed to be in my closet. Oh, this isn’t about me. I have on the pink, that’s Amber to my left, the twins are on either side. They’re Amber’s ex’s sisters. The ex is taking the picture. And, of course, in the front are Amareah, Andre and Anna.

#8 – The little graduate (eyes closed again – oops!) with his big sister!

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