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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My nightstand

Regardless of how hard I try to read one book at a time, I always have more than one – plus several magazines – being read. And, to top it off, the books don’t stay on my nightstand. They trickle (yes, on their own) around the house and end up in the darnedest places. I was going to stack them all neatly on my nightstand for their photo op, but decided to be honest.

Here’s the nightstand… (Notice the booby-trapped journal and no books in sight.)


Here are the books on the table near the front door… (The dots in the background? Dried beans glued to a paper plate!)


And here there are some on the kitchen table…


This neat stack here is on my desk… DSCF4535

I’m not even going to mention the books that sit on my shelves wondering when I will get around to them. Soon, my lovlies, soon.

A little details:

I won The Threadbare Heart by Jennie Nash through a contest I entered at 5 Minutes for Books. Although I didn’t get the grand prize, I got an honorable mention on Jennie’s site and the novel, which I can’t wait to read.


Last night I began reading The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fibromyalgia and I’m excited about that as well. I am looking forward to learning more and will add it to my medical book library.

I’m about a fourth of the way through 2012 The Secret of the Crystal Skull by Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas. I’m not sure why, but I’m having a difficult time getting into the flow with this one. Maybe I just need to find a good bit of quiet time to get into the reading flow.

Be sure to return so you can read my reviews of some of the books I’m reading.

imageToday I’m participating in 5 Minutes for Books' “What’s on Your Nightstand?” To read more hop on over. Also, take a gander at my On a woman’s bookshelf posts.




Disclaimer: I didn’t receive any compensation (other than review copies) for including the books in this post, but if you click on the Amazon links/photos and purchase I will receive a small commission. (Click away! LOL) Click here for my complete disclosure policy.



  1. My books are generally scattered everywhere too. I have to go collect them to take the picture of them on the nightstand. :)

  2. I love your honesty in revealing your many piles of books and the places where they live. For my part, my "too be read" books are the only parts of my life that manage to STAY organized--but only because I get them out of the library and HAVE to stay organized or pay fines :-)

  3. Your piles of books look like mine. I don't know if I'm brave enough to post pictures of my piles. Plus, I'm also reading too many books at one time. I'm embarrassed to admit how many.

  4. I've got stacks of books everywhere too.

  5. Oh, my home looks very similar! But, if clutter is books, I don;t mind it so much. I am simply trying to purge our access clutter to make room for baby and, of course, book shelves!

  6. I have many books myself - on two bookcases, in storage, plastic tubs, shelves in top of the closets.

    But I still have room if you ever want to give away any Richard Wright, Walter Mosely, J. California Cooper, John Grisham, James Patterson and Alex Haley reads.

  7. LOVE your bookstacks--I've many of my own and I actually like it that they seems to materialize all over my home!



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