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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

‘I’m getting my brain started…’

Today a spark went off in my son’s head. He realized all the reading, writing, phonics and other work he has done has an end result. I suggested that he read a book to his little sister. The only book that was out was one that was fairly long. He sat down, opened the book and his little face sort of fell to the ground.

“Too long,” I asked. “Too many words?” He nodded.

“Okay, let’s find a different book.”

We went into his and his sisters’ room where a million books are on the shelf in the closet. “What about ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ the Dr. Seuss book?”

He didn’t look thrilled.

“You can read these words… see?” I held the book open to a page and his eyes brightened and his eyebrows raised.

DSCF4460[1] He took the book, sat on the couch and read it in its entirety book all by himself. We were so proud to listen to him read (my boyfriend and I were sitting in the kitchen).

After he finished the book he was so excited. “I read it all by myself!”

We gave him high fives and told him how great that was.

“Do you wanna read another book?” I figured why not keep the fuel going.

“Babe…” RP (the boyfriend) said.

“Let’s just see what he says,” I whispered.

Andre decided on another Dr. Seuss book and read that one too. Then he went into the office, got a little notebook and a colored pencil and started writing words. He wrote, read and told us about what he was writing.

Once I looked over and he had his head in his hand, eyes focused on some far away place outside and his pencil was poised. “Whatcha thinking about?” The nosey mommy in me asked.

“Nothing,” he said with a smile and went back to writing. I joked that he was pondering, daydreaming and plotting his next educational moment. And I secretly smiled because I think the lover of books and all things learning has finally emerged in my son.

RP (who’s just as nerdy as I am) said something like this to Andre: “What made you sit down and write?”

“I think I’m getting my brain started…”

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