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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I really want to cry…

You see that pretty horrendous little, dark-colored, leaf-shaped object on the screen of my phone? Well it appears that something happened to my phone. The phone I’ve only had for a few weeks. … I am spittin’ mad (not exactly spittin’, but it sounds good and dramatic).

DSCF4463[1] I’ve retraced my steps trying to figure out what I did to it and I can’t come up with one darn thing. This is what I recall:

I was in the office and I had just finished cleaning off one of the desks and moving some papers and magazines over that were on the floor surrounding my desk. To my surprise I saw a little lizard on one of the magazines. I didn’t know what it was at first because the office isn’t well lit so I crept closer. Thinking that it was definitely a critter, I slid my phone open and called Amber who was on the other end of the house in her room with the door closed.

“Amber?! … Come here.” I whispered.

She said okay, I closed the phone and put it on my desk. At least I think I put it on my desk ‘cause that’s where I found it later when I went to look for it. When she got there I pointed and said, “What’s that?”

We discovered upon further inspection that it was a small dried up lizard. Where the heck it came from I have no idea and I’m super extremely happy that I didn’t see it while I was touching the magazines.

While she was investigating it I held my desk lamp out to shed some light on it and at one point some books that were propped on my desk fell. I jumped and she jumped.

I think I was leaning on my desk, I don’t recall anything dropping on the phone and I know I didn’t drop it. About 45 minutes later I went looking for it and found it on my desk, face down. When I picked it up that’s what I saw:


It doesn’t work… Amber tried calling and said it goes right to voicemail. Over 300 contacts are in there and I only have three numbers memorized. I could go on and on about the inconvenience of not having my phone – especially since I don’t have a landline – but I’ll just stop here. …

And concentrate on not crying… SNIFF. Guess what my first errand will be tomorrow?



  1. Hi!
    A cool entry. I was taken aback with your title.
    Be blessed.


  2. Oh no *sobs*. I hope you can somehow get the phone company to retrieve your contact list. I'm sure they're still there on the SIM card or whatever and they'll be able to get at that list.

  3. Hopefully it is under manufacture warranty since the phone is still new. I hope you can retrieve your contacts! I lost all of mine before, I know how you feel. What is with us no longer memorizing people's numbers? We rely too much on our phones. I did learn my lesson and I backed up my current contacts online through our cell phone provider...look into it!

  4. Ouch. Hope you're able to retrieve the stored contacts, somehow.

    A lizard?! I think I would be completely beside myself if I saw one indoors.


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