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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I really want to cry…

You see that pretty horrendous little, dark-colored, leaf-shaped object on the screen of my phone? Well it appears that something happened to my phone. The phone I’ve only had for a few weeks. … I am spittin’ mad (not exactly spittin’, but it sounds good and dramatic).

DSCF4463[1] I’ve retraced my steps trying to figure out what I did to it and I can’t come up with one darn thing. This is what I recall:

I was in the office and I had just finished cleaning off one of the desks and moving some papers and magazines over that were on the floor surrounding my desk. To my surprise I saw a little lizard on one of the magazines. I didn’t know what it was at first because the office isn’t well lit so I crept closer. Thinking that it was definitely a critter, I slid my phone open and called Amber who was on the other end of the house in her room with the door closed.

“Amber?! … Come here.” I whispered.

She said okay, I closed the phone and put it on my desk. At least I think I put it on my desk ‘cause that’s where I found it later when I went to look for it. When she got there I pointed and said, “What’s that?”

We discovered upon further inspection that it was a small dried up lizard. Where the heck it came from I have no idea and I’m super extremely happy that I didn’t see it while I was touching the magazines.

While she was investigating it I held my desk lamp out to shed some light on it and at one point some books that were propped on my desk fell. I jumped and she jumped.

I think I was leaning on my desk, I don’t recall anything dropping on the phone and I know I didn’t drop it. About 45 minutes later I went looking for it and found it on my desk, face down. When I picked it up that’s what I saw:


It doesn’t work… Amber tried calling and said it goes right to voicemail. Over 300 contacts are in there and I only have three numbers memorized. I could go on and on about the inconvenience of not having my phone – especially since I don’t have a landline – but I’ll just stop here. …

And concentrate on not crying… SNIFF. Guess what my first errand will be tomorrow?

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