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Thursday, May 13, 2010

How did you learn to blog?

It was about three years ago when I started my first blog. I sort of stumbled into blogging when an associate of mine told me I should write a blog after I told him about a book I was working on. I started a very basic blog, called Single and Celibate that’s still floating around out there, and my journey into blogging began.

That blog gave me the spark I needed to fuel my love of blogging. I started blog hopping and learning more about it then realized I would like to write a more universal one. One that incorporated more of my life and that could cover a wide variety of subjects.

Every once in awhile someone will ask me how to blog and I’ll give them a quick rundown of getting started. They usually start looking confused and their eyes glaze over… LOL …that’s when I tell them if they start one (‘cause I want to see if they’re really serious) then I’ll help them.

I don’t think there’s any one way to start; you just have to jump in. With this blog I learned as I blogged and, in fact, I’m still learning. There are things that I’d like to incorporate, changes I’d like to make and – with anything that I love – I want it to be the best that I can make it.

So, tell me, what made you started blogging? Did you learn on your own or start because of someone else?

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