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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy weekend

image Do you know that moment when you’ve conquered something and you wonder if it was just a fluke or a permanent fixture of your personality? I’m having one of those moments today. This weekend, although it hasn’t gone perfectly, has been one of the best. Why? I have no earthly idea. I didn’t do anything special. Nothing overly wonderful happened. I guess it was just the way that I’ve dealt with things and conducted myself.

The younger children went with their dad on Friday and I was so happy for the quiet. RP left late in the afternoon – to run errands I think – and I was way super unhappy that he was going especially when I found out later that he wasn’t coming home before he went to work.

I decided to just go to bed. I took my laptop so I could finish some work, put on summer comfy, semi sexy PJs, grabbed my book and made myself comfortable. Before that Amber decided to hang out with friends.

Not 10 minutes after I settled in RP came in the door with a bag of peanut M&Ms as a peace offering. He’d tricked me. Again. I wanted to be “mad” at him, but his presence lightens and lifts me. We enjoyed a little less than an hour together before he went to work.

image Yesterday after I ran some early morning errands, Amber and I watched a movie (I think it was called The Long Walk) then we goofed off a little lot before deciding what to do for the evening. She made plans with her friend and I made plans with RP. Our plans didn’t go as anticipated, but – once again – the time spent together was wonderfully amazing.

I had a little tiff with a friend a little while before that but even that, which would normally mess up my entire day, didn’t cause any ruckus within my brain.

image Today, RP and I got up and watched Sherlock Holmes, which we rented from the Redbox last night, and sat around to relax for a moment. I’m now trying to get a little work done, knock out some housework then I’m going to get dressed. I’ll hopefully be decent enough to help Amber get the groceries out of the car. Yup, the dear, sweet, responsible teen is off picking up some supplies for the house while I fight the good fight (against grime, laundry and the written word) here at home.

I’m sipping my last drops of coffee as I finish writing this and feel some amazement at my relaxed state. I hope that your weekend has went well, that you’re relaxed and happy, and that you took a moment to smell the proverbial rose. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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