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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Did you smell that?

I was driving home after picking up my youngest child. I had the windows down and was enjoying the fresh air, music and my private thoughts. Suddenly there was a scent. I inhaled. Paused then inhaled again.

The same scent hit me.

One deep breathe later I said, “Country air.”

Breath-of-country-air Very seldom do I smell country air in this part of Georgia. Yes, I’m near some very rural areas and often drive through them, but my nose is normally assaulted with pollen, exhaust or road kill fumes.

Experiencing the smell of clean, crisp air still lingers with me. It’s a smell that I didn’t realize I miss. It made me recall the days I used to sit on the front steps of my mother’s house in MD. I would wait until after the sun set and an evening breeze kicked in. The tall trees that separated my mother’s property from my aunts would sway and rustle in the wind.

hawaii ocean After a trip to Hawaii, I would relish in the sound of the trees because they almost mimicked the sounds of the surf. With my eyes closed and my face tilted toward the sky I would travel between the ocean in Hawaii, the magical feel of the air against my skin, the reality of the graceful trees and the dark sky with twinkling stars.

It’s amazing how the senses can send you back in time to previous experiences. Sometimes the memory is joyful and other times it isn’t. It’s the joyful, pleasant memories that I love; the ones that include images and smells.

From now on I’m going to be sure to take a little whiff of the air; I never know when I’ll get a pleasant experience from it. Have you had a pleasant sensory experience lately?

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