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Monday, May 3, 2010

Circling the block

Let’s pretend that my blog is a house. The street in front of the house is called Duty Lane. Make a left at the next street and that’s Missing Muse Blvd. Another left takes you to Lazy Lane and from here you can’t even see the house. Then one more left is Busy Bee Street.

circling the block I keep circling the block and can’t pull into the driveway. It’s like I can’t see the house or keeping miss the address. Know what I mean?

That’s why there are times you come by here and it looks like the lights are out. Like no one is home. I’m nearby, but I keep circling the block.

Thinking… Wishing... Hoping… that I’ll pull into the driveway and stay for awhile. Invite some friends over to share what’s been going on with them (blog hopping) and maybe do a little swapping (enter/host a few giveaways), but I haven’t stopped trying.

I like this little home of mine and I am really looking forward to spending a little time doing home improvements, decorating, organizing and generally making things better. I just want to make sure you don’t stop coming by to see if I’m here: 1) Browse around and leave a comment on a post you may have missed. 2) Click on some of the links in the sidebars. 3) Visit some of my Entrecard friends.

It’s great to see evidence of you being here and I appreciate your continued support… I should be pulling in soon.

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