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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wooweeee, I am in a BAD mood

If I don't stop it soon the frown on my face will be there permanently. My son, who is supposed to be putting on laundry, is talking, playing and singing to himself. My two youngest daughters, who are supposed to be in their beds laying quietly, are playing and giggling. All it means to me is disobedience. They have not listened since they got home from school today... that's not the only thing that's contributing to my stinky mood: there's the part-time temporary job that ended today (Did I know it was going to end today? Nope. But that's another story), there's the friend that was supposed to be here by now (I was really looking for the relief! Having another adult present really alleviates the child-induced aggravation), there's the regular, everyday things that I need to do that are looming over me. And I can't focus on them because my ears are being blasted with the sounds of children who just - not 10 minutes ago - got into major trouble and should be humbly and obediently doing what I said.

Unfortunately for them, and for me, they're about to get a not-so-nice reminder that they're in trouble and were told to quietly get ready for and get in bed. Then I'll cut myself a piece of Sara Lee chocolate fudge ribbon cake, grab a cup of tea and sit here frowning at the computer and waiting for the moment when my head hits the pillow.

Pray for my children that they quiet down soon or you'll read about me in the newspaper. This is what it'll say:
Georgia woman pitches tent in yard in protest of naughty children. I think me living in a tent is a perfect solution; less for me to clean up and only the sound of nature and... uh, cars passing by. The children can have the house...

Uh, Lin? Is your kerchief still packed?
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