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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Problems & perfection

Today I became privy to some information while hanging out with a friend. Some very interesting facts regarding people that I don't know. While sitting there listening I had the desire to pull out a pad of paper and a pen or activate the recorder on my phone because others' lives are so interesting, entertaining... and sad.

I learned of a young lady who is about 25 years old with two young children ages 4 and 2. She works in the "entertainment" industry, doesn't have her own home (stays with her sister) or car and continues to do unwise (read: stupid) things that put her ability to raise her children in question.

There was another woman who needs more than a month to come up with a little more than $100 to pay a fine. She said, "I'll have to save it up."

An individual was caught DUI and his 12-month sentence (not counting the fine and community service) was ordered as weekend jail, which means reporting on Friday evenings to the county jail. He'll do that every weekend for 12 months.

I discovered that regardless of right or wrong some individuals appear to be automatically believable because of their status. We live as individuals who believe that everyone makes mistakes, but we belong to a society that supports organizations made up by people who are supposedly perfect. Did you have to read that again?

Why are we considered human and capable of error when a group says their members' words, actions, etc. are always right? Isn't that contradictory? There are always three sides of every story: Yours, theirs and the exact truth. The fact that none of these things matter in certain situations is beyond frustrating.

What do you think? Are a certain group of people more trustworthy and believable than the "average person?"
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