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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Potty breaks & random observations

In my travels with the elusive part-time temporary job that I keep mentioning I have visited quite a few restrooms that I would not have the pleasure of seeing otherwise. My area of travel is Clayton County and during my travels I drink tons of water. Well, eventually that water manages to need releasing (seems quite frequently) and I must avail myself to the restroom at the local libraries and churches. I, thus far, have not been impressed. One restroom in the most beautiful, peaceful and well-kept Catholic church I've ever been in (well, the only one I've ever been in) had the stinkiest, yuckiest bathroom ever. Go figure. There's a public library (and I'll keep to myself which one it is) that needs a deep cleaning with some bleach, peroxide, Formula 44 or something similar.

I'm sitting on the love seat in my living room while I click away, glance out of the window and watch television (seen two Bruce Willis movies so far). I've seen playful squirrels, a tiny bird with a red patch on its head and a sneaky, lurking cat prancing around in my yard. A few cars and a couple of people walking and enjoying the day. It's the girl on the motorized scooter that keeps capturing my attention. That motorized scooter has reminded me of how lazy and overweight a lot of people in today's world have become. The girl was overweight. I felt sad that her parents and/or guardians had chosen to purchase that for her. She's sharing it with a sister, a friend or someone and they other girl is slender.

That's the last observation... that I didn't have any negative opinions about the slender girl riding the scooter. I may have still thought that this generation is so lazy and different than kids were when I was growing up, but it probably would have stopped there.

I suppose I should get off my lazy butt and get some housework done. Maybe I should get my children dressed and take them to the park or something. (No, I'm not dressed either!) I don't really want to get dressed. Even though the sky is a beautiful blue with scant white clouds floating by, the leaves are shimmering in the Spring breeze and the temperature is inviting, I think I prefer to sit here and not feel good. (The pain today is quite unpleasant.) I'd rather sit here and hope/wish/pray for some mysterious something or someone to come and pick up my children to entertain them and tire them out.

Don't worry, it's the headache talking. A migraine has started to brew, but I'm going to take something to see if it'll subside. Then maybe do something that brings a little joy to my heart (water color or coloring with children) and stuff that I must do... Maybe I'll come back later and tell you about other random observations.
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