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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pollen clouds & showers

I was waiting in my car one morning (I don't even feel like explaining why) when I saw puffs of smoke floating across the road. I kept craning my neck trying to see where the smoke was coming from. It whipped around then soared across the road in huge, round clusters. It amazed me. I stared intently then realized it was pollen. There were - and still are - clouds of pollen blowing from the trees and grass.

As far as I remember this year has been the worse pollen wise. I've never seen this much pollen so early in the Spring. Today, I was about to get out of my car and paused. I was surrounded by trees and pollen filled the air. I couldn't avoid getting out of the car so I stepped out into the storm. I felt pollen on my face, arms and legs. It blew behind my eyes and my glasses got a yellow tint. Even as I sit indoors now I feel like I can still feel it swishing around me.

There's no way to avoid it. It's been swirling and blowing for a few days now. Seemingly increasing in count - 1600 last time I heard.

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain and although rainy weather is my least favorite; I can't wait. I hope it washes away the yellow that clings to my van, my driveway, the mailbox and any and everything including my skin.

I was too lazy to get up close to the van so I zoomed in from my front door. 
Can you see the yellow haze on top?

See the yellow dirt on the tire treads? There are some pollen filled 
thingamagingies on the ground too.

A yellow tinted trash can. Great. Don't you love the trash next to the fence? 
That's thanks to my neighbors... They're the best. Uh...not.
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