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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Photo Tag: I'm it. Who's next?

Isn't she adorable?! I think this is when Amber (who will be 19 in a couple of months) was in the 9th grade. Andre looks about 3 there (see him in the background?) and he's 6 now. Wait, that would mean she was in the 10th grade, wouldn't it? Oh well, IDK... I just think she's the cutest ever!

I think this was over a Christmas holiday and we were taking a picture 'cause it was the first time she'd worn that outfit or sweater. I think she received the sweater as a gift.

It was a picture I chose because Tammy at Mom Knows Everything got me with a Photo Tag. It's been quite a long time since I've done one of these and I'm happy that she tagged me with an easy one. Here are the rules:

1) Go to your photo files, select the eight photo folder.
2) Select the eighth photo in that folder.
3) Post that photo along with the story behind it.
4) Then challenge eight blogging friends to do the same!

Who am I gonna tag?
Lin (Because she doesn't like to be tagged, but she has awesome pictures.)
Valerie ('cause I don't think I've ever tagged her.)
Lisa (She doesn't have anything to do.That's sarcasm, by the way, read about her life & you'll see.)
Henrietta (Just because I haven't been around lately to bug her.)
Renee (She's so busy and famous now that I want to see if she can find time to do it! :D)
Jocelyn (She always has fun stuff going on at her blog, but I think she needs a little fun.)

I am definitely outta the blogging loop 'cause it took me way too long to think of who I wanted to tag. Sad. So sad. That's why there are six names instead of eight. Hey, someone has to break the rules. :-)
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