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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Find an apartment you love

A little over a year after I went into the Air Force I moved off base into my first apartment. The apartment, unfortunately, was the not the brightest spot on the map, but I was glad to have found it. My second apartment was a dream come true. Now had there been an apartment ratings site then I would have easily found the apartment I wanted.

My second apartment had cathedral ceilings, redwood doors and molding, on-site storage and laundry room, kitchen island, dish washer and just about every amenity renters are looking for. The one downside - smaller bedrooms - was totally worth the hassle to live in such a beautiful building. There was a huge porch on the floor that I lived, which I only shared with one other tenant, and there were quaint window seats and hallway decorations that made it feel like home.

Now, renters can find out all of that information before they even get to the site by visiting Apartment Grade for information.
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