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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Uh... I have no idea...

My mind is numb.

I must admit that I don't really feel like blogging right now, but I do so want to talk to you. Yes, you - my dear blogging friends. I've missed you and it's only been four days. It feels like 40. I'm not going to get caught up in saying anything that could be deemed inappropriate to employers and in this particular position (government job) as a Be Counted Clerk (I was given the incorrect title when I got the phone call) I'm not supposed to talk to the media. {GIGGLE.} When they told us this I said, "So this means I can't write about the job on my blog."

"Uh, no... no blogging about it."


I am exhausted.

This has been a very interesting four days and I have discovered that my reasoning for wanting to make my work-at-home business successful is valid. Physically, I am unsure of how long I can do this. I've even taken a nap late this afternoon and I have barely been able to function this evening. If you're familiar with "my story" then you know that chronic pain and exhaustion are my friends (enemies?) and I'm prone to attacks. I'm hoping an attack isn't coming 'cause I need the weekend to do the dishes, finish the laundry, clean the house and every other number of things that I'm sure you know about it.

My body is throbbing... what do I do? I'm a little discouraged knowing that I'm getting behind on other things and not sure I can get through this assignment, which may end on or about May 1st. I hope some energy or something kicks in and this entire post will be irrelevant. For now, just know that I'm wishing I didn't have to be away, but I'm not sure I can get everything done so something has to suffer. Unfortunately, it's more than likely going to be blogging, housework and whatever else will suffer but not die.
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