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Friday, March 12, 2010

Drip, drop, plop, whallop, WOW

I was on my way home early this afternoon. The sky was dark and gray, as it had been for a couple of days, but the temperature was comfortable. Before I could make it into my front door, giant drops of rain began plopping onto my windshield. I was a bit amazed by the watery display because I don't recall seeing raindrops quite that large.
They started off slowly then continued to pick up speed until there was almost a continuous sheet of liquid falling from they. I pulled into my driveway - with thoughts of the inappropriate shoes I had on - and decided to nudge my garbage can to the house instead of sloshing through the accumulating water. I tapped it a little with the front end of my van and it moved a few inches forward. Another little tap and it moved a few inches forward and to the right. I stared at it daring it to move off to the side where I wouldn't be able to push it. I tapped, pushed and paused for about five minutes 'til the can got to a point that it would go any further without falling over.

I still got a smile and a little chuckle from doing that even though it wasn't completely successful. I'm not sure why, but I'm sure it has something to do with the delay of getting out of the van into the pouring ran... Maneuvering through the puddle that collects at the bottom of my driveway close to the house...

Or it could be because I witnessed the most amazing thing: As the rain poured from the sky, extremely tiny dots of white hails fell as well. At an entirely different pace from the rain. I stopped and marveled in it for a moment then thought I had been seeing things. This weather may be drippy, but it sure is miraculous.
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