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Friday, February 12, 2010

Thought I won one

My two middle children are on winter break so they were out of school yesterday, are out today and will be out on Monday. SIGH. Oh, and this is my weekend.

Their dad picked them up (the the youngest) Wednesday night after he got off of work so I had a wonderfully quiet and kid-free time until this morning when he bought them home this morning. They seemed to be in good spirits and then the unhappiness began.

The baby is relatively happy, but the two middle ones have been at odds. About the second or third time they started to fuss I had a brilliant idea: 'If you're going to argue then you won't play together. Amareah play out here and Andre play in the room."

Then the crying really began. Amareah begged to play with Andre, but I stuck to my guns. After about 20 minutes and a snack for Amareah, she politely and calmly asked to play with her brother. She went in the room and they were quiet...

MOM: 1

...20 minutes later it started again.

MOM: -1

And it's only 10:14 a.m.
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