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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Raw carrots

My 2 1/2-year-old daughter likes raw carrots. .... But that's not really important.

I'm sure you thought I was going to go into a long, cute story about getting her to eat them. Right? Well, this time you're wrong. I was going to define carrots for you then tell a well-reported story of how vegetables are necessary for good nutrition then give you a solution for getting your children to eat vegetables.

Phooey! That's a freaking lie. It's my sarcastic way of bringing up the fact that someone, who will remain nameless at this time, said that I have not been a writer the entire time I've been doing this blog. Or something along those lines. They said, in so many words, that what I write is filled with "thinly veiled advertisements" and "bitch and moan" sessions. They said I HAVE NOT been a writer.

Can you hear me growling? And it's not my stomach.

Although I am a journalist by degree and have worked in that profession in the past, I have in no way stated that my blog is filled with journalistic writing, in-depth reporting and solution-oriented text. In fact, the blog descriptions I have used in the past contain the following text (give or take):
"It's about the everyday life of a 40-something freelance writer of 15 years and mom of four children from pre-schooler to teenager. I post book, web and product reviews; health and weight loss successes; random thoughts and creative writings, parenting dilemmas as well as the ups and downs of normal life. The goal is to be entertaining, enlightening, encouraging and educational."
Let me address the "thinly veiled advertisements" posts. I do have a disclosure policy, which clearly states,
"... This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. This blog abides by word of mouth marketing standards. We believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog, but do not influence the personal opinions expressed by the writer and editor. That content, advertising space or post may or may not be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content...."
That is the nature of a portion of the blogging business and I simply follow the guidelines of the advertisers through the companies or of the advertisers who contact me directly. I do this because I want and need to get paid.

"Bitch and moan sessions." Excuse me for relaying what goes on in my life and how I feel about it on MY BLOG. It is obviously "a woman's world." If you don't like it then move the hell on. And that's not a moan! Now, in a more ladylike fashion, let me share the posts that have fallen under other categories:

Beautiful pictures of my children for Wordless Wednesday and Looking at the Sky on Friday.
Talking to my son about Black History.
Sharing my middle daughter's photography talent.
Telling about her birthday celebration here and here.
Adventure sale tales with me and Amber or her activities with her siblings.
Tributes to my friends.
Sharing friends' talents, products and daycare services.

It appears I've run out of steam... I just had to get that outta my head and off my chest. Why? 'Cause it was keeping me from writing, blogging and sharing. It was keeping me from talking about what's going on in this woman's world for fear of the judgments, opinions, criticisms and whatnot. Some would say that should be like water on a duck's back. I might normally agree. Possibly. But when so much is going on in life it's sometimes hard to get certain things out of your mind.

Is that talking in circles?

Let me try again...

I have some very difficult, stressful situations to deal with and there isn't a solution readily available. Readily apparent, I guess I should say. For me when I am dealing with a lot of difficulty, negativity and downright fear, I am hyper aware of everything. I'm already super critical of myself so something that I think is unfair or brushed off as a simple black and white issue will bug the heck out of me.

It's time to end this 'cause I think I'm starting to ramble. I need something to relieve a little stress. Maybe I'll go grab me a handful of baby raw carrots.


  1. Wow! I'm not even gonna comment of the you not being a writer comment but i guess you know the saying about opinions! Believe in yourself even thorough the self doubt and difficult times! Continue to fight even when the road seems inpossible. And tell the doubters I said to "keep it movinging!" Peace and Love!

  2. Hi!

    Don't mind them, just do your thing. If criticizing your articles makes them happy then feed them up, write more, it will surely make them happier ;)

  3. Whoever made that comment is just jealous because you are still writing even when blogging! Don't let them get to you! HUGS!!

  4. What?!? Not a writer?!? Oh please. Clearly morons have invaded your blog and are being..well, morons. Not every writer writes in depth journalistic writings. Would you tell Stephen King or JK Rowling they weren't writers because it wasn't dry and factual? Please. You write. I write. That makes us writers, even if it isn't earth shattering Dan Rather news. So there.

  5. Woot-to-the-freakin'-WOOT!!! Hehehe... Now that's what I call speaking your mind and preservering... (Uh did I spell that right???)Anywho, you'll get into the flow again... and you're going to kick some major, uh... buttocks! lol! SMOOCHES! :D

  6. So- tell us what is really on your mind...
    The person who had those comments obviously has not tried to write a clear and concise review. It takes talent. Often writing in a shorter format is much more difficult than a rambling expose. I know, I can ramble.
    I, one of many, appreciate a glimpse into your life, good times and bad.
    oh- and I like my carrots steamed.

  7. Wow! I think that's crazy! I have always admired how freely you're able to talk about your life and situations! Your graphic says it all... do what you do because there will always be others that try to bring you down to their level.. ignore them! You're awesome girl!

  8. I am new to your blog... I actually saw that you said "Poo on them!" in a comment and it made me happy. Odd things make me happy. I love that you are writing creatively in a space you can call your own, after all that's what blogs are for, and being a journalist doesn't often allow for expression of... you! Keep it up :) Your writing here is awesome in its jeans and t-shirt wonderful way!


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