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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One-on-one time with "Little Michelle"

My 5-year-old daughter Amareah had a follow-up doctor's appointment today for her breathing. I don't think I've ever mentioned she has been on a nebulizer and now has an inhaler, which she was/is supposed to use everyday twice a day. Her appointment went very well and I told her pediatrician that we haven't been using it everyday just as needed and hadn't used the nebulizer at all.


Her words: "If it ain't broke don't fix it." She explained how the meds were intended to be used, but because I keep a close eye on Amareah and check in with her on how she feels then we can just keep treating her the way we have been. She recommended that she begin taking it around allergy season to prevent or forego any problems and gave me a sheet to remember the different times, doses, etc.

Anna, who has given just about everyone her cold, was also seen and has a mild ear infection in one ear. I'm glad I took her, but it's a little frustrating that she's had so many ear infections this is the fourth one I think in about six months. Today I was thinking it could very well be a "symptom" or "result of" her being a preemie and we are probably lucky (blessed!) that it's all we're dealing with. Besides her weight! (Funny story about that later.)

After the appointments, Amareah said she didn't want to go to school. I glanced at the clock at it was about 10:40. Yesterday when I told her teacher about her appointment she said that if it was 11 or after then I might as well keep her home. (Amareah doesn't attend public school, but the head start program.) So, after a little warning on being on her best behavior, I told Amareah she could stay home with me.

So here we have some impromptu one-on-one time. We arrived home, washed off the germs and made lunch. Amareah did a great job making her own sandwich. After lunch I showed her a small clip of First Lady Michelle Obama that I had saved for her on the DVR because Amareah is portraying Mrs. Obama during the Black History program at her school this Friday.

After that we looked at some pictures of Michelle Obama on my laptop and I found a video about her on YouTube. The video, which I couldn't resist sharing with you, is a really nice biography of her that's narrated by her mother. It makes me feel like I know Michelle Obama and I feel even more proud to have her as First Lady of the United States (I even feel sort of bad about that dream I had of her hubby Barack Obama.)

I wanted to give Amareah an idea about the person she was representing and portraying so that when she gets up to say her part, ("My name is Michelle Obama; I'm the first lady of the United States of American and this is my husband...") she will feel the power behind what that means. Then after her husband introduces himself and they shout, "Yes, we can!" My hope is that she'll always know she can.

I've enjoyed my one-on-one time with Little Michelle today despite her singing a variety of different songs (cartoon theme songs, Christmas carols and more) while she plays with Dora cards at my feet. Maybe one day she'll be our President. Heck, I'll settle for First Lady. Well, that is if I can get around the fact that right now she wants to be a ballerina. Insert big smile here. Regardless of what she wants to do, this mom will be behind her - and all of my children - 110 percent.

Note about photos: I would post a picture of Amareah today, but my teenager (don't tell her I talked about this again!) still has my cord to my camera. Hopefully, it'll get here soon! :D
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