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Monday, February 15, 2010

Fountain of life

My fountain of life overflows onto the deep green of my grass
It constantly trickles and runs into the clear blue of my sky,
sometimes blocking my sun and covering my clouds.
But only when the fountain is murky.

To clear it, there are small pebbles laying about
Some clear and white, mostly blue, a lot of green, a little yellow
Just toss them in, wait a spell and gaze upon the magic.
In no time the fountain is crystal clear again.

It's often translucent, sparkly like diamonds so bright
eyes must be shielded.
There's twinkling, sprinkling, gurgling and
all who drink from it are dancing in rhythm.

At the first hint of change the dancers stumble
They weave and stomp through my green grass
Stealing my pebbles, taking the ones they gave me
Leaving my fountain of life to thud absently.

Only to sneakingly return when my pebbles grow again
Nurtured from the smallest grains of sand
The dancers want to indulge... but
No more free sips from my fountain of life.

The fountain is free flowing, speaking its own language
Playing with my pebbles and quenching my grass.
It reflects my sun and my sky overflowing to
strongly exist as my fountain of life.
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