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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wrestling with technology

After about two weeks of taking over my daughter's laptop (that she took back to school with her) my best friend, an absolute computer genius, was able to resurrect my old laptop. It took a lot of erasing, removing, deleting, waiting, disconnecting, reloading, rebooting and all kinds of other crazy computer stuff that I have no idea about to get it going again.

He's given me a little more time to get the money together to get the laptop I really want. I'm kind of on borrowed time and I'm going to try not to get too attached to this one 'cause the next time he gets his hands on it (he fixed it virtually this time), he said he's going to wipe it clean and start all over.

Oh, the fun of technology.

It was all fun until I finally sat down today to get some work done and realized I had to install Microsoft Office stuff and re-do all of my settings, etc. So instead of actually beginning with work I've been doing a lot of restarting, downloading and trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing.

Now it's time to get some work accomplished. If you need me, I'm the lady sitting on her couch with eyes blurred and frantically clicking and typing. Oh, but it's not that bad: Even with the technology wrestling I have really enjoyed my day so I'm not going to complain or get stressed out.

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