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Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekly Inspiration: Just being me

Today things started off a bit slow. To be honest I guess I should say that I started off slowly. It's one of the two Mondays out of the month that I don't have to get up to take the children to school or the youngest to daycare so I took advantage of it by sleeping in. I turned in late last night and took some very drowsy-inducing meds so lazying around this morning didn't seem to be a problem.

Until I got started on my day...

The first thing I noticed when I stumbled out of my bedroom was the temperature. 'Guess I better get someone over here to look at it,' I thought as I quickly showered and dressed.

I sent a text to the neighborhood handyman and he was on his way before I even had a sip of my first cup of coffee. I turned on my computer and found a few things still amiss so I called my computer, best friend guru.

Between the hold ups of getting to work on my computer and discovering that one of my units (the compressor, I think it's called) needs to be replaced... I started getting a little irritable, but I resisted being overcome by my irritability and tried to continue what I was doing. I hoped over to Maternal Spark to read the Weekly Inspiration post and was immediately inspired and encouraged to tackle large projects in bite-sized bits. So how can I do that with my computer issues, my heating issues and other things on my plate?

That's an ongoing question. A question that I can't forget to keep at the top of my mind. If you have large projects that you need to tackle then take Heather's advice at Maternal Spark to bite off a little at a time. (Be sure to check out her post today and join in by sharing your inspiration this week in the comments or on your own blog.) That leads me to what's inspiring me this week

Being me is what's inspiriting me right now. More specifically: Being a blogger. My job/work as a writer and editor inspires me. It's not only the thing that makes me a little mullah, but it's the thing that I most enjoy. I get a high out of writing, creating, being artistic, inspiring, educating and sharing. I can't say that I don't sometimes get frustrated or stressed about it, but at least it's something that I love.

I need to use my love of what I do to fuel me throughout this week and every week. When I get stumped or have writer's block, I should be able to pull up a document on the computer or open a file in my cabinet and use something that has sparked me in the past.

I hope it doesn't sound conceded to say that just being me is what's inspiring me, but it's true. I even wore my blogging t-shirt today as a reminder. Let the week - and the inspiration - begin!
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