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Friday, January 29, 2010

They sure do grow quickly

I'm sure it was just yesterday that my only son had about five pair of shoes and my two youngest daughters had a slew to wear as well. It's already time to purchase more shoes for kids. Everyone always says that children grow like weeds. I always thought that meant they sprout up quickly, but that's just part of it. They also sprout up sneakily. Have you ever driven from your house in the morning, came back in the evening and all of a sudden noticed a ton of weeds in your yard? That's because they weren't there when you left. LOL... It's the same with children.

You send them to school or give them a snack and before you know it they've either grown taller or wider by at least an inch, and their feet are suddenly squished into the very depths of their shoes with no room to spare. When it comes to buying shoes for my children I always try to make sure I get the correct size and what's appropropriate for their lifestyle, which means casual, play and school shoes. The casual and school shoes can be the same, but it's best to have more than one pair so that one doesn't get worn out so quickly. At least that's my theory.

I'd like to get my son a pair of boots and several pair of sneakers: high tops, basketball and running shoes. My daughters need shoes that go with skirts/dresses and leggings as well as those that look good with jeans. I love to coordinate the children's shoes with what they wear. Even for my son. It would be great if he could wear at least a different pair every two to three days. (Can you tell I like shoes?)

Right now I'll be lucky just to ensure that their feet are comfortable and that the shoes are practical and of good quality. The quality is especially important for my middle daughter who passes down all of her things to her baby sister.

When's the last time you bought shoes for your kids?
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