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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Slow, sad, super Saturday

Ho-ing a little hum. (You know, ho hum.) An-t-way, my humor is about the same as how I feel today. A little dry and down (physically not mentally). I haven't been feeling well since last night sometime and when I was awakened this morning I didn't feel any better. A little worse as a matter of fact and moving really slowly. Even my skin is tired. I'm assuming it's one of my "attacks" - for lack of a better word. I haven't gotten as much sleep as I should have over the last week or so and that's usually one of the things that gives me days of exhaustion, more pains and aching. I've even napped today, but my eyes are still closing some.

I'll hopefully take another nap after I get a little work done. I also need to accomplish some housework, but each time I get up and move around a little it seems like my temperature rises. The mounds of laundry and dishes may just have to wait.

I guess this is like a mini health and weight loss update, huh?

The sad part? Not having one person who will stop by to help out, bring a pizza and some fun for the children or anything that will temporarily relieve the stress of not getting what I need to done. I always think it has something to do with the invisibility of my illnesses. I wonder if I broke my leg, had cancer, was in a car accident or something would anyone come through to help me out. Unfortunately, I seriously doubt it.

The super comes in the form of three little people who have undying energy. While I napped they chased each other through the house screaming and giggling; they played in their room; they drank water; helped their sister in the bathroom and who knows what else. I'm glad there weren't any fights and I was able to sleep relatively well with the noise level, which is a true indication that I definitely don't feel well. Sleep + running, playing children normally = mom irritation, but today I was thinking that I'm glad they're enjoying their day despite the cloudy, rainy weather and their mother passed out on the couch.

How's your weekend thus far?
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