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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Perfect Princess Party

My 5-year-old Princess!

My daughter Amareah turned 5 years old about a week or so ago, but we were just able to celebrate with her friends yesterday. I'm a nervous party planner and hostess so I was concerned that no one would show up. Boy, was I wrong. The party was beautiful - thanks to my 18-year-old daughter Amber who came home on Friday afternoon specifically to celebrate the day with her sister, bought the majority of the supplies that night, decorated with a little help from me and made sure we had everything we needed to make the newest big girl happy.

A cake fitting for a princess.

The princess and her friends who are in the same class as she is... plus Anna who decided to be shy.

My three beautiful princesses (the prince spent the day with his dad).

Amareah was a little embarrassed when everyone sang happy birthday to her... I had to uncover her face so her sister to capture a picture. It was so cute the way she grinned and covered her face.

Shaunalynn (The Art and Science of Parenting) captured this oh-so-cute picture of one of her daughters with her new preteen friends. The twins are Amber's boyfriend's sisters and the other young lady is their best friend. They are all sweet girls and Amareah was happy to have them at the party.

Of course she enjoyed opening her gifts. She received two Barbies, a couple of shirts, an outfit, some coloring books, a cool washable paint thing, a doll, some money and undies. I love her smile here.
 Between cake, candy, chips and other forbidden goodies, I'd say she had a good time. (Do you think I can hide/destroy all of the sweets and she won't notice?)

It all turned out so wonderfully and despite the extreme exhaustion I (and Amber!) felt at the end, the only thing that was important was what Amareah said when everything had quieted down: "That was a great party!"

Awwww.... can you feel the momma pride welling up in me? That makes it all worth it!
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