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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Official Big Kid

Happy 5th Birthday Amareah!

This was a couple of months ago!

Five years ago today I gave birth to my second baby girl and my third child. I didn't think I would survive having her since I had a 15 month old, high-needs son to take care of already. My son Andre was a real challenge. He, from day one, loudly and continuously demanded whatever it was he wanted at the moment. He would scream in the car for Sometimes it could be 45 minutes. Eventually his older sister discovered that he liked to hold something in his hands and she started holding his hand in the car. Most of the time it would work. Oftentimes it would not. Riding in the car was miserable.

I think Amareah was a little older than one here.

So, I assumed that I would have two screaming babies when Amareah was born, but God had mercy on me. He gave me an infant girl who would contentedly suck her fingers while I tended to the toddler. She would be hungry, but would wait while I stopped him from screaming or fed him or got him some juice or whatever the current need was. She didn't wait indefinitely, but she normally gave me at least 20 minutes.

She's growing into such a sweet, cute kid. Oh she can be bossy and all the other things that come along with being a know-it-all kid, but she is a doll.

Happy Birthday Poot-Woot! Mommy loves you.

The three Musketeers enjoyed cupcakes 
this afternoon in honor of Amareah's 5th birthday 
and she's going to have a princess party on the 30th.

Here's a peek at the process I went through making her birthday party invitations.I am still having trouble with the laptop so I had to get creative with the invitations.)
On the left is what I started with. There was a little creative procurement from a well-known website. I save it to my Sandisk, printed off site then brought it home to copy on my color copier (4-in-1, which I love and can't use because of the laptop issues).

There ya have it... My official big kid. Three down and one to go: Miss Anna will be 3 on her next birthday.
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