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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jewelry for little girls

When I had my first daughter, almost 19 years ago, I couldn't wait to get her ears pierced and buy her all kinds of cute little earrings. Her ears were pierced by the time she was 2 years old and before she was 3 I had purchased her two gold rings and she had received her second gold bracelet by that time as well.

Although she can no longer wear earrings; she still loves jewelry. She prefers sterling silver or colorful pieces that are representative of her style.

My two youngest daughters really like jewelry as well, but they don't seem mature enough to take care of it. I find their little rings and bracelets laying around the house (lucky for me they aren't real!) or they say they've lost them. As soon as they show the ability to care for and appreciate their belongings then I will get them some girls jewelry.

Every time I surf to a jewelry web store or walk pass a case at a department store I have to check out the products they have for little girls. Some of the best choices are designer girls jewelry and collections. For instance, wouldn't it be cute if each of my daughters - including the oldest - had an alphabet charm in a different script? Since all of their names being with an A it would be a classy way to unite them as sisters. Or what about love hearts in their favorite colors? Amber loves pink, Amareah digs purple and Anna is partial to orange. Then I could get my own love heart necklace with all three colored hearts that represent my daughters.

Oops, there I go thinking about jewelry for myself again.

With Valentine's Day approaching it's a great idea to treat the little ladies in our lives to some girls jewelry. They're sure to love it!
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