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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hope for Haiti

If you've been trying to think of a way to help Haiti then check out Hope for Haiti. The site was created in response to the recent devastating earthquake. A large group of popular bloggers and website owners have pulled their resources to raffle an extraordinary amount of prizes, products and services. You will find everything from beauty products, home decor, jewelry, advertising spots, music downloads and web design packages. The proceeds of the raffle will be donated to The American Red Cross and Compassion International. All raffle tickets are one dollar.

Get updates at the Hope for Haiti Facebook group.

NOTE: I know there are many organizations that you can donate through. In fact, you can click on the links of the two organizations above and donate directly. The reason I've chosen to tell you about Hope for Haiti is because many individuals want to help and don't know how. Many don't want to simply donate $1 to the Red Cross, but buying a raffle ticket (or many raffle tickets) in an effort to win something you can give to someone else as a gift will, in essence, help you and help them. Whatever you choose to do - just help.
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